Randall Lineback Cattle

Vermont's first official State Heritage Breed

Barn up 2010

After a very long and productive summer here at the farm, today was the day we brought all the cattle home to be put in the barn for the winter. We have rented 10 stalls at a farm in St. Johnsbury to board 10 bred heifers for the winter as we dont have room here [...]

Home for the winter

The girls are home for the winter. Daisy is bred and is due sometime in late May. Dolly aborted in October and is short bred to Solo Red. And Daliah is bred to Jules and is due in June. They arrived home on Dec. 1st. This is the latest we have had our dry cows [...]

Are you ready to own a Randall Lineback?

I have received many phone calls over the years from people wanting to discuss owning bovines, raising a calf or other questions. It has been great to talk you all. I would like to share with you a list of questions I suggest you ask yourself if you don’t have experience owning large animals.¬†Answer these [...]

Thank You

I just wanted to take a minute to thank a few special people. First, my father, Warne Randall, and cousin Harry Randall. Without their contributions to my efforts, this could not have even started. They were there in the thick of it during its hay-day. Their help in facts, dates, pictures and thoughts cannot go [...]


Randall Linebacks are a rare breed of cattle which originated in Vermont and are steadily gaining popularity. Here you will find photos and stories about my own Randall Linebacks, as well as my experiences on New England dairy farms.

My childhood home, Randall Farms of Mt. Sinai, NY is also a subject near and dear to me. I have been collecting photos and memories and will share some of them here.

(The name is a coincidence; historic Randall Farms and the Randall Lineback breed bear no known connection.)