Randall Lineback Cattle

Vermont's first official State Heritage Breed

Pasture season 2011

Well here we are on May 22 and we have just turned the milkers out to pasture. We in the Northeast have been inundated with rain this spring. In fact, Vermont has had a record spring for precipitation. The pastures look great and have made some impovement from years past. As we rotational graze our [...]

Barn up for winter

Here it is November and it’s time to start filling the barn for winter. Many of the dry cows and heifers are still out to pasture and will be till snow flies. The barn is mostly ready and the older unbred heifers are being brought into the barn for breeding. Because of a poor summer [...]

Porch Boxes

When milk was delivered to homes, it was common for customers to have a “porch box” for the fresh milk to be left in. Porch boxes were used to keep milk cool in the summer and above freezing in the winter; in summer they would usually contain ice for refrigeration. Around 1947, the first of [...]

Pond and Ice House

It is not known if there was an ice house on the Phillips farm when the Randall family purchased it in March 1885. It was never mentioned in the journals of John S. Randall, which he kept until his death in 1886. It is surmised that an ice house was built shortly after the main [...]

Welcome Randall Lineback and Dairy Enthusiasts

Hi everyone! In case you don’t already know me, let me introduce myself and my intentions for my new blog. I live in northern Vermont and I am a life long farmer (dairyman). I have spent most of my life working with dairy cows. I have been working with the Randall Linebacks for about 5 [...]


Randall Linebacks are a rare breed of cattle which originated in Vermont and are steadily gaining popularity. Here you will find photos and stories about my own Randall Linebacks, as well as my experiences on New England dairy farms.

My childhood home, Randall Farms of Mt. Sinai, NY is also a subject near and dear to me. I have been collecting photos and memories and will share some of them here.

(The name is a coincidence; historic Randall Farms and the Randall Lineback breed bear no known connection.)