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Porch Boxes

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When milk was delivered to homes, it was common for customers to have a “porch box” for the fresh milk to be left in. Porch boxes were used to keep milk cool in the summer and above freezing in the winter; in summer they would usually contain ice for refrigeration.

Around 1947, the first of Randall Farms porch boxes were given to “good” customers. These were galvanized metal boxes with insulation and “Property of Randall Farms” in raised letters, and held 6 quarts of milk.

Metal porch box

Metal porch box

Wooden porch box

Wooden porch box

From the 1950s until 1969, wooden boxes holding 3 and 6 quarts were used. These boxes were less expensive and were painted a blue-green color with white stenciled letters that read “Randall Farms Inc. Mt. Sinai New York”. These were made by the Industrial Home for the Blind in Brooklyn, NY. A clip was fixed inside for attaching orders and or receipts.
Wooden porch box interior

Wooden porch box interior


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Randall Linebacks are a rare breed of cattle which originated in Vermont and are steadily gaining popularity. Here you will find photos and stories about my own Randall Linebacks, as well as my experiences on New England dairy farms.

My childhood home, Randall Farms of Mt. Sinai, NY is also a subject near and dear to me. I have been collecting photos and memories and will share some of them here.

(The name is a coincidence; historic Randall Farms and the Randall Lineback breed bear no known connection.)