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Pasture season 2011

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Well here we are on May 22 and we have just turned the milkers out to pasture. We in the Northeast have been inundated with rain this spring. In fact, Vermont has had a record spring for precipitation. The pastures look great and have made some impovement from years past. As we rotational graze our cow pastures we are seeing more dense growth in the grasses we want and many of the “weeds” that are unwanted are slowly being pushed out by impoved soil quality and more healthy and hardy grasses. This spring we worked closely with Dan Hudson, an agronomist at the UVM extension office, to intergrate frost seeding methods to improve our stands of forage and pasture. We broadcast seeded some Red Clover and some rye grass. You can follow some of our trials here: ¬†http://blog.uvm.edu/djhudson/ I am very interested in trying a “new” breed of Meadow Fescue called Hidden Valley. If anyone out there can get some seed please let me know as i would like to try and establish a field of it in a trial. Sounds like it would be perfect fit for our soils and environment here in Vermont.

Paddock #1 grazed and #2 ready for tomorrow

tired cows after grazing

The cows know what they are supposed to do and did a fine job of grazing. Now for adjusting our grain weights, and adjusting our ration to save us some money on purchased feeds and grain.

Colin hoeing the cows down


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Randall Linebacks are a rare breed of cattle which originated in Vermont and are steadily gaining popularity. Here you will find photos and stories about my own Randall Linebacks, as well as my experiences on New England dairy farms.

My childhood home, Randall Farms of Mt. Sinai, NY is also a subject near and dear to me. I have been collecting photos and memories and will share some of them here.

(The name is a coincidence; historic Randall Farms and the Randall Lineback breed bear no known connection.)